WETA Arts logoGood, good, good stuff is happening, right on time for the new blog. I will cut to our biggest announcement: We’re featured in the November 2019 episode of WETA ARTS! This local PBS series profiled me and the illustrious Joyce Garrett, about the making of REUNION CHOIR. It is affirming to have our documentary film-in-progress about DC’s Eastern High School Choir discussed in the same episode as the Kennedy Center’s new Reach extension. (Those of y’all in the know remember the big role Kennedy Center played in Eastern’s route to worldwide stardom.) The episode teaser is out now and the full show premieres on November 1! There are multiple air dates on WETA 26, and it will also be viewable online.

October has lots of significance for my family and I (anniversaries of births and crossings over). It also marks the “go-hard” season for independent filmmakers, and my team is chipping away at major grant applications and pitch opportunities for REUNION CHOIR and plans for a stylized stage shoot this winter for WHAT’S IN A NAME? We promise to keep you posted.

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See us on WETA! (Scroll to 7:51): https://watch.weta.org/video/weta-arts-november-2019-5pjutf/